There are many settings to Identifier which are documented in the SmartVis Identifier Manual.  These settings can be configured manually in the Identifier configuration file.  

  • Windows, settings are stored in the registry.
  • Linux, settings are stored in a configuration file stored on the file system of the identifier user.

On Windows you can access the settings for Identifier throught the registry using the Windows tool regedit.  You can open regedit by typing regedit in the search bar of Windows 10 and right clicking to open as an administrator.

The settings are stored in the following path.

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Digital Barriers\SmartVis Identifier

An example registry entry for Identifier on Windows is shown below.

You can now change/add/delete any registry key and restart Identifier.

On Linux the configuration file is stored 

/home/identifier/.config/Digital\ Barriers/SmartVis\ Identifier.conf

If you need to change the configuration file you need to edit this file as thr root user.  This can be done with the following command.

sudo nano /home/identifier/.config/Digital\ Barriers/SmartVis\ Identifier.conf

After you have made your changes you can save the file and restart Identifier to see the effect.

sudo systemctl restart identifier_gui