The maximum number of streams and number of faces depends on

  • The power of your CPU and whether it supports the AVX2 instruction set.
  • The power of your NVidia GPU, typically measured by the number of CUDA Cores.
  • The resolution of the video streams you wish to analyse.  

As a quick guide though, take the following hardware

This hardware is powerful to support the analysis of

  • Two Full HD Streams (1900x1080).  This will analyse video at the required rate of 8 frames-per-second.
  • Up-to 10 faces per stream (i.e. 20 in total across both streams).  When a full 20 faces are in the video scene we would expect to utilise about 90% of CPU power and 70% of GPU power.


  • Identifier will still work on more faces-per-stream, however the frame-rate of the video processed will drop.
  • To analyse multiple streams, you a licence that supports it.  The demo licence provided with Identifier will analyse upto 2 concurrent streams.
  • These figures releate to using FaceDetector2 as the main face-detector engine.  In Identifier 1.1 this is the default face-detector.