Identifier can be run in either UI or headless mode.   This is done on the command-line.  To run Identifier in headless mode.

  • sudo systemctl start identifier.service

To run Identifier in UI mode.

  • sudo systemctl start identifier_gui.service

You can easily switch between the two modes by first stopping the current service and starting the new one.  This is described in the Linux Installation Manual.

Note, by default Identifier on Linux does not download any identifying information about the subject from SmartVis Face Server, it simply downloads the information required to make Identifications.   This is a security feature. Thus, when you start Identifier in UI mode you will see no thumbnails or names against subjects.  To alter this behaviour you need to make change on the SmartVis Face Admin portal.  

  1. Close Identifier
  2. Login into the SmartVis Face Server as the Super Administrator
  3. Select the 'Clients' tab
  4. Unselect the 'No Nominal Data' for the row 'Identifier v1.1.1' and update
  5. Restart Identifier

The screen should be similar to that displayed below.