Presuming your machine is up to spec and your program displays as follows:

The program will display as above if you have multiple GPUs (most common in a laptop). 

Your system will need additional instructions to use the NVIDIA card for Identifier from the start of the program, as the NVIDIA Optimus technology instructs the computer when to use which GPU. You will need to use the NVIDIA card from the start for Identifier.

Open the NVIDIA control panel. Right-click on an empty area on your desktop and select the ‘NVIDIA Control Panel’ option from the context menu. Go to the Desktop menu and enable the ‘Add “Run with graphics processor” to Context Menu’ option.

Select Manage 3D settings / Program Settings:

Click Add and select Identifier:


Select the integrated graphics in the options that you get in the next menu. Do not select automatic even if it says that it will automatically choose the integrated graphics, this seems to be a defect in one of the drivers and is the root cause of this initial issue.

Then launch Identifier and the problem should be rectified.