SmartVis Identifier Release 1.0

Our SmartVis Identifier is a real time Face Recognition Windows application. It allows the detection and identification of faces on several concurrent high-definition video streams, either video files or RSTP (network) streams. 

You can download the installer and all the documentation from our download area.

This is the first official release of SmartVis Identifier.   The major features of SmartVis Identifier 1.0.0 are given below.
  • Face-recognition on multiple camera streams
  • Region-of-Interest support
  • Automatic gender detection
  • Sightings stored in database and can be filtered and exported to Excel
  • XML meta-data steam of all face-detection and recognition events
  • Optional Alarm Service that can send email alerts
  • Import and export of subjects
  • Import of Subjects from a compatible version of SmartVis Face Server/Mobile
  • Start-of-the art face-recognition performance using Deep Learning techniques

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